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My Super Simple 3 Step Home Workout Formula for Creating the Body You Want


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The 3 biggest mistakes I see people make with home exercise

I'll tell you what they are and how to avoid them!


Why exercising at a gym doesn't always work great for women 

I'll tell you 4 powerful reasons why a gym membership doesn't always pan out for women


The 3 step home workout formula that helped me transform my body

I saw the biggest transformation in the shape of my body after I made the 3rd mistake from the list above and decided to do something different that changed everything

Are you tired of working out but never getting the results you want?

A good exercise program doesn't have to be complicated or take all your time to plan for. In fact, I say a complicated workout plan that takes all your time to execute will never work (because you won't stick with it).

The most important ingredients in a home workout plan are 1) strategy and 2) an understanding about what works (and what's a waste of your time).

This free training is a Must-Attend if:

  • You're ready to dive into exercising at home but you're not sure where to start, what to buy or how to do it the right way
  • You're tired of driving to a gym (and paying for a gym membership) and ready to find an easier more reliable way to stay in shape that doesn't require you to sit in traffic (even more than you already do) and workout in front of other people
  • You're looking for a home workout system you can follow so you can feel confident you're doing all the right things to get in shape (and stay in shape) from home

A Note From the Instructor...

Hi, I'm Mickie

For years women have been asking me, 'What gym do you workout at?'

The truth is, I haven't paid for a gym membership in over 15 years.

And women are often surprised when they find out I've completed challenging events like the Tough Mudder training exclusively from home. The fact is, a gym membership isn't for everyone.

Let me teach you how you can stay strong and healthy (and in the best shape of your life) with home exercise.