Join other women inside The Vault and go from frustrated on-demand exerciser to streaming workout wizard fast!

The fact is, if you workout at home then on-demand exercise MUST be in your life...

Because you could eat spaghetti with your fingers but why would you? 


And you could write a novel with a pen and paper. But why not use a computer?


On-demand services like Beachbody on Demand, Obe Fitness, Daily Burn and MOSSA are an essential part of your home exercise plan...

priceless tools that you SHOULD be using--like a fork for your spaghetti or a computer to write your novel.

But here's what we found out about these services...

They can be confusing and frustrating to use..and we're here to make home fitness as simple as possible...

...not to sugggest you use something that's going to make your life (even more) complicated

What you have to realize is that it's NOT YOU

Think about when you get a new job these days.


You have to sit through an entire day of training on how to use their e-portal and digital platform, right?

So, it's completely normal to need a little help with these digital workout libraries.

And it's the reason we created The Vault


The Vault is a must-have for anyone signing up for their first (or second) on-demand workout service.

Here's how it works...

 For the price of a dinner for 2...

1) We match you with the ideal on-demand exercise service using our Exercise on Demand Matchmaker Quiz, then...

2) We'll quickly show you how to use it, and because we know you'll have more questions...

3) We'll give you live support so your home workout routine never stalls out while you're learning something new that you're going to LOVE

Here’s what members of The Vault had to say just one day after signing up:

I'm ready for The Vault!



  • Take our fun Exercise on Demand 'Down & Dirty' Matchmaker Quiz (let us make a love match between you and one of the top exercise on demand services) a fun 5-minute quiz to discover your unique workout personality
  • Pair that answer with a blueprint that answers all your questions about using exercise on demand and lays out a master plan for unlimited motivation
  • Follow-up with an expert in home fitness for live support, the latest best practices and strategies, and unlimited virtual hugs and accountability

The Vault is here for you



Discover the perfect company for your workout personality

You'll use our one-of-a-kind quiz to match your unique personality and fitness goals with the best streaming (exercise on demand service) on the market in about 5 minutes.

  • We've discovered that most women try new workouts based on what their friends are doing (which doesn't take into account your unique fitness goals and abilities) instead of what's ideal for them
  • Our simple quiz will reveal (maybe for the first time) the ideal workout service for exactly what you want & need
  • Streaming workout services are a goldmine for home exercisers but with 30+ options on the market (and growing all the time) it's hard to know which one to try. We got you.


Learn the answers to any lingering questions you have

Inside The Vault you'll find answers to every question you've ever had about your home fitness routine. From 'What dumbbells do I get?' to 'What heart rate zone do I need to be in (and why?)'

  • Short video lessons that cover the basics of setting up your home gym and planning your first workout calendar as well as walk-through videos of how to use the top streaming workout services in our Exercise on Demand Backstage Pass videos
  • PDF downloads to implement our best practices for staying consistent and motivated
  • A deep dive into our signature Program Stacking method for setting up your workout calendar to get the transformation you're looking for


It's time for a group hug 

A confidential and judgement-free VIP Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support from other women who workout at home.

  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions & behind the scenes tips with Mickie (the CEO of One Strong Southern Girl)
  • Drop in and share your latest wins & best strategies for staying consistent
  • The perfect community for accountability and a virtual hug when you need it

Limited Time Offer Bonus!

A 30-minute 1:1 audit of your home workout plan with Mickie

After you sign up we'll send you a link to schedule your meeting with Mickie. During this Zoom meeting, you'll share your fitness goals and what you've been doing with home exercise so far. Mickie (the CEO & founder of One Strong Souhtern Girl) will give you an overview of how to use exercise on demand service(s) to hit those goals. She'll also walk you through how to use your favorite exercise on demand service (choose one please) as well as get started with The Vault and answer any questions you might have.

are you ready?

special beta offer


Valued at over $500



are you ready?

special beta offer


valued at over $500