The single most useful & impacful resource for women who exercise at home

Don't waste another day scouring the internet for women's home fitness information. Get everything you need in one place at one time.

I want this!

The single most useful & impacful resource for women who exercise at home

Don't waste another day scouring the internet for women's home fitness information. Get everything you need in one place at one time.

I want this!

Some people are initially reluctant to sign up until they realize how easy it is to get started and the impact this resource will let me show you what's inside...


Before I tell you what you're going to discover inside this lifechanging resource let me tell you who it's for...

The Vault is for You if...

✔ You've been on a fitness break for a while, you’re maybe dreading the return of pants with zippers and buttons (I feel ya), and you want to start off on the right foot.

✔ You’ve been experimenting with at-home workouts but you’re struggling to find a program that matches your fitness level. Sometimes you’re even quitting your workout midway because you’re dead on the floor after the third round of burpees.

✔ You have a goal in mind...but you’re not sure HOW to get there. Whether you want to have Michelle Obama-worthy arms, slip back into that dress that was a pre-pandemic fave, or finally get a handle on chaturanga, The Vault & Home Exercise Academy will teach you how to build a system that’s goal-focused...and you-focused. Because no one program will work for everyone.

✔ You’re ALREADY trying to work out, but you feel like your time could be better spent. As in, a lot of that dedicated “work-out time” goes to trying to figure out whether you should be doing endurance or strength...then finding workouts that fit the time you have, and the equipment, and that aren’t high-impact...

✔ You care about getting results—not about just the trendy new thing. Real talk: not everything I recommend inside The Vault/HEA is as *sexy* as what you’re seeing on Instagram. But the classics are classics for a reason: you’re gonna feel the burn.

✔ You know how great you’re going to feel when you’ve been working out regularly for a while. Notice that I said “feel” and not “look.” Because while appearance is important, I really want you to feel healthier. More energized. Stronger. Relaxed.

✔ You’re excited to take charge of your fitness. So often, we let someone (or something) else tell us what we “should” do: a personal trainer. A magazine article. An app. A workout calendar. But when YOU are in charge, you never have to turn to someone else to wonder what the next step is.

✔ You're ready to walk away from your outdated home fitness routine and use strategies that take advantage of modern technology to simplify and streamline your workout plan

The Vault is NOT for You if...

Deep down you don't really want to put the work in to create a workout plan that's customized for you and your unique life

You're skeptical that on-demand exercise can make a difference in what you're already doing

You're impatient and would prefer to join a gym (when they're fully open again) and hire a personal trainer...which is totally cool

Using The Vault & Home Exercise Academy you'll quickly have... 


✔ A home workout plan customized for you
✔ Complete confidence that regular exercise is simple & doable for you
✔ Momentum & excitement about your fitness plan
✔ A freedom & lightness about exercise that you've never experienced before

You might not have noticed...

but spending all of your effort on finding new workouts will actually hurt your ability to sustain an exercise routine. It’s not your fault. The home fitness space is a billion dollar industry with a vested interest in making sure that it’s where you think you should focus all of your attention.

But it's a mistake.

And without the information I share with you in The Vault & Home Exercise Academy you'll likely wind up like the 92% of women who start a workout routine but aren’t able to maintain it.

What you NEED is someone who can match you with the best on-demand services and products for your fitness goals and abilities and a little guidance on how to use them...


And that's why I'm excited to introduce you to...

A One Strong Southern Girl Exclusive:

THE VAULT + Home Exercise Academy Bundle

A one-of-a-kind invaluable resource for women who exercise at home


Here's how it works...

After you sign up...


1) You're matched with the ideal on-demand exercise service for YOU using our Exercise on Demand Down & Dirty Matchmaker Quiz, then...

2) Given behind-the-scenes guidance on how to use the service and...

3) Offered the opportunity to attend LIVE office hours to get answers to your questions (you don't have to be there live to get your questions answered)

4) You're given immediate access to HOME EXERCISE ACADEMY


"This is exactly what I've needed for so long! Thank you!"


"I have 4 streaming fitness services and your workout planner and the 30-day stack calendar helped me find a way to incorporate classes from all of them to create a perfect workout schedule. Thank you!" 

Sign up now for The Vault + Home Exercise Academy Bundle


Get instant access to The Vault & Home Exercise Academy and start changing your life today.


I'm ready! Sign me up!

I wonder if you noticed...

that this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. There are 1000’s of companies in the home fitness space selling you workouts & equipment but no one else will show you how to put all the pieces together.

WITH The Vault & Home Exercise Academy AS PART OF YOUR WORKOUT PLAN YOU'LL HAVE...


SOMEONE TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS to help make your workouts the least complicated part of your day

PRO SUPPORT from someone that has been there before you as a beginner, intermediate and advanced home exerciser (and tried #allthethings)

A COMMUNITY  to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from (and a loving kick in the pants if you need it)

LESS HASSLE that continuously drains your workout time as you're trying to learn how to use the features and tech of your on-demand library

 ✔ BIG DOLLA SAVINGS when you realize you'll never have to buy another workout DVD, waste money on equipment or programs that aren't a good fit for you, or sign up for a gym membership again

You're going to discover that THE VAULT & HOME EXERCISE ACADEMY are like having...

a home fitness encyclopedia at your fingertips and will dramatically reduce workout time frustration, light a mega fire under your workout motivation and quickly help you get your home fitness plan on point


“I was always the ‘non-athletic’ one in my family. I would do Buns of Steel back in the day, maybe go for a jog, but that was the extent of my workout.

Then my dad got sick. And whenever I went to visit him, it gave me a new perspective on things: I was thankful that I was able to get up and move my body every day.

So I started really slow, with a 20-minute workout every day. And with Mickie’s help, I ramped up to 45 minutes. Now I try to do 45 minutes to an hour, at least five days a week.

I go on a beach trip with my husband’s family every single year. We’ve done it for 20 years. And they’re all super athletic—we’re talking full rides to college to play sports. So when I went to the beach like three years ago, they were like, ‘wow, we can see a difference.’

The other thing is that you go to the doctor, and they tell you that you look great, your blood pressure is good, all your benchmarks are good. So I like having that confirmation that everything on the inside is benefiting as well from the work I put in.

The other thing is that Mickie’s solution works anywhere. I travel for work, and I sometimes work out in my hotel room. No weights, no nothing—not even a mat. But Mickie had the perfect workout for me, and I didn’t have to waste a lot of time trying to find something.”


  • Take our fun Exercise on Demand 'Down & Dirty' Matchmaker Quiz (let us make a love match between you and one of the top exercise on demand services) a fun 5-minute quiz to discover your unique workout personality
  • Pair that answer with a blueprint that answers all your questions about using exercise on demand and lays out a master plan for unlimited motivation
  • Follow-up with an expert in home fitness for support, the latest best practices and strategies, and unlimited virtual hugs and accountability
I'm ready to sign up!


Discover the perfect company for your workout personality

You'll use my one-of-a-kind quiz to match your unique personality and fitness goals with the best streaming (exercise on demand service) on the market in about 5 minutes.

  • I've discovered that most women try new workouts based on what their friends are doing (which doesn't take into account your unique fitness goals and abilities) instead of what's ideal for them
  • My fun quiz will reveal (maybe for the first time) the ideal workout service for exactly what you want & need
  • Streaming workout services are a goldmine for home exercisers but with 30+ options on the market (and growing all the time) it's hard to know which one to try. I got you.


Learn how to use your on-demand membership

When you dive in to your Backstage Pass inside The Vault

  • These are short videos that walk you through the top on-demand exercise services so you can see what it looks like to use them
  • A tour of where to find the top features in each service  & how to contact customer support
  • A tour of how the app compares to the desktop version of your membership


It's time for a group hug 

A confidential and judgement-free VIP Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support from other women who workout at home.

  • Live Q&A sessions (as needed) & behind the scenes tips with Mickie (the CEO of One Strong Southern Girl)
  • Drop in and share your latest wins & best strategies for staying consistent
  • The perfect community for accountability and a virtual hug when you need it


"Mickie makes exercising at home so simple. The live office hours are my favorite part of The Vault. It's so nice to be able to ask Mickie my questions about equipment and workout programs instead of getting on Google for hours every time I'm ready to try something new."

The Vault & Home Exercise Academy are for the home exerciser who's ready to get smart with their workout routine and get back to their day

The Vault & Home Exercise Academy Bundle




The A's to your Q's

So, one more time what are you getting?

here's the list of everything in the bundle

The Vault Contents


Exercise on Demand 'Down & Dirty' Matchmaker Quiz

Let me make a love match between you and one of the top exercise on demand services using my one-of-a-kind fun 5-minute quiz to discover the on-demand service that aligns with your unique fitness goals and abilities.

A Backstage Pass to the top Exercise On-Demand Services

I'll take you behind the scenes of the top services and show you where to find all the features & how use your membership

Live Q & A's with ME!

Live office hours are done as often as needed (some months I have 10 questions and some months there are 0) where I'll answer your questions and share any new home fitness industry news. And exclusive access to our VIP Facebook community with other members of The Vault & Home Exercise Academy.




3-Pillar Modern Approach Guide to Home Fitness


✔ Video tutorials and pdf's inside Home Exercise Academy to help you incorporate the best programs, products, services and methods into your home fitness plan

Home Fitness Mini Workshops Library


✔ Access to every workshop I've done for members of The Vault & Home Exercise Academy (this does not include my signature paid workshops). Each video covers a topic on a subject that's of particular interest to women who exercise at home.

Program Stacking BONUS Guide


✔ I'll walk you through how to incorporate my Program Stacking method of cross training and combining routines into your workout calendar to hit your fitness goals

3-Step Quick Start Guide


✔ A set of short videos & pdf's that will get you started with all of my best methods ASAP.

VIP Office Hours Replays


✔ An invaluable resource where I've answered questions from women like you! Including:

➡How many days a week should I workout?
➡I'm embarrassed to workout at home. How do I overcome that?
➡The people at home don't support my new fitness goals. Any advice?
➡Tips & hacks for storing your equipment
➡My top 10 health & fitness book recommendations
➡Where can I find good glute workouts?
➡What's a metabolic workout?
➡How do I know if I'm a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser?

And more!

THE BONUSES work out to be an over $1500 value ON TOP of the Matchmaker Quiz, Backstage Pass Guides and Live Facebook office hours with ME!

I want in!

are you ready?

The Vault & Home Exercise Academy Bundle



I'm ready! Sign me up!

The fact that you’re here reading this means...


that some part of you knows you’re ready for this. Honor that part of yourself. TRUST YOURSELF.

If you truly want to transform your life, and some part of you does, or you wouldn’t be reading this, then stop letting fear hold you back. Fear keeps the masses trapped for a lifetime.

What you do NOW will determine what you have tomorrow.

Yes! I'm ready!

From my own struggles and experiences The Vault & Home Exercise Academy were born. As hardworking moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers we don't have time to stop and scour every corner of the internet when we want to master something (that's why I put it all in one place for you). But we're committed and want the best system in place. Creating a system for your home workout routine using methods inside The Vault & HEA will not only help fuel your workout motivation but will get you results you've never seen so that a workout is no longer one more chore on your to-do list. It's products like this one that can change your life.

I'll see you inside the Vault and can't wait to get to know you more during my live Office Hours.

XOXO - Mickie